VBAC hospital birth doula

"Where do I begin, Becca gave me my dream birth after my first daughter which was a traumatic c section. Becca gave me my VBAC something I have longed for four years. She supported me during the times I wanted to give up, and backed me up with any and all information I needed through my entire pregnancy. I LOVED LOVED LOVED working with Becca. She supported my birthing partner and I with love, snacks, information, and essential oils. Back rubs during contractions, encouraging words, soft music, and patience- so much patience. Birth is hard and the stronger your team the better! I couldn't have asked for more of an amazing birth! She came to my house for the TWO DAYS of labor at home I went through and stayed for the 12 hours in hospital, 4 of which was pushing. Having her there helped my partner get a break for a nap or a meal. He was so appreciative of that. She was such an amazing support system really for the entire team not just me. SHE WAS THE MOST AMAZING HUMAN IVE EVER HAD BY MY SIDE AT SUCH A PIVOTAL MOMENT. Thank you for your doula services. I highly recommended everyone to have a doula and specifically DOULA services by Becca"
~Sarah, Anaheim

hospital birth doula

"Going through a first time pregnancy during a pandemic and dealing with numerous isolating protocols like going to doctors appointments alone was very stressful. I was lucky to find Becca at 8 months pregnant while I prepared for the big day. Although it was very late into my pregnancy Becca made sure to give me comfort and reminded me to stay relaxed and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy. We talked after every doctors appointment and She answered all of my questions and concerns which was very helpful! I was so happy to hear that just one day prior to my labor and delivery protocol had changed and doulas were now allowed in the labor room! This changed everything  Becca was with me through it all from being on the phone with me while I was in early labor to arriving at my home and then heading to the hospital when the time was near. I trusted her completely and she was so much help not only with giving me peace of mind but also physically. Helping out with adding pressure to my lower back, essential oils, and oh the fan! Best little gadget that helped me get through transitioning. Shes also an awesome photographer so you get two in one!  I  got the best pics welcoming my baby to the world! She's the best! I can go on and on! Thank you so much Becca for everything! I can truly say we were a great team and it couldn't have been better!"
~Steffany, Santa Ana

hospital birth doula

"I am so grateful to have had Becca as a virtual doula for the birth of my first child. During this experience, she offered a warm presence and calming words, along with a considerate and supportive approach. I felt completely supported in my birth plan and I appreciated her wealth of knowledge while going through the birthing process. She is very passionate about birth work and about facilitating a positive environment and experience for all birthing people and their partners. I’m thrilled that she will continue to offer her services to many more families to come!"
~Lauren, Los Angeles